Genus International Industries & Trading

Is a company with headquarters in Hong Kong and with a long and recognized experience providing service to other companies around the world in the production and export of products from China. It works mainly in the aluminium and glass industry as well as its derivates (composite panels, shower enclosure, all kind of profiles, mosquito screen, metallic accessories , metalwork fittings, sun protectors as awnings...etc), and also giving support to many other companies in the production processes of this industrial sector as well as many other industrial sectors.


  • Immediate selection of the appropriate providers by turn over and status
  • Production and quality reports of the goods from the companies in origin
  • Monitoring process of the manufacturing in origin
  • Quality controls in origin
  • Logistics support and help in the import process
  • Outsourced operations
  • Creation of your own brand products

On the other hand we have diverse lines of product with our own brand, differing in its quality and extremely competitive prices and everything with an unbeatable service and support

Improve your margins and penetrate on new markets with entire guarantee of quality, and with the calmness of knowing that a team of professionals works at all times to solve any problem that could arise in your international operations

Genus International Industries & Trading,LTD

10 A Seapower Industrial Centre | 177 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong | Kowloon, Hong Kong | info@genusinternational.com